There no running from the fact that the real estate market in California has always presented lucrative opportunities for its investors. And to further this trend, the housing market in the state is heading towards an upslope.

Known for its enormous wealth, the real estate market of California has recently been boosted because of a spike of property prices in San Jose.

Where to Invest in San Jose?

Let’s look at the best places to invest in rental property in the San Jose market.

  • North San Jose.
  • Downtown
  • Berryessa
  • North Valley.

All the above-stated places are tipped for success because of the fact that the median rental prices in these areas are the maximum. It would be a good approach to revolve your rental property around an Airbnb model.

On the other hand, if you want to purchase a property to hold and sell, then you must consider investing in the following areas.

  • Fairgrounds
  • Alum Rock-East Foothills.
  • Blossom Valley.

These areas offer stability as they are considered as residential areas with promising future. You need to ask for advice while looking for a place to invest. Real estate investing can be tricky, that’s why having someone to guide you through the process is necessary. Remember, you have to select the neighborhood based on the type of investment you want to make.

Why Invest in San Jose?

Since we have established the need to invest in San Jose, let’s look at some reasons as to why investing in this market is a great choice.

  • San Jose has a low unemployment rate of only 2.5%.
  • There are several big tech companies located in this city.
  • San Jose is known for its students. Therefore, rental property investment is considered to be great.
  • The ROI on RV Parks is high.
  • Company provided housing is the way here.

Investing is the key to financial freedom and there is no better way to invest your money than real estate.